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Katya dichroic fused glass jewelry's elegantly contemporary style is what makes each piece wearable poetry. Every sleek color and style is stunning both with casual and formal wear, making each item an indispensable addition to any jewelry collection. No matter the color of a customer's dress or eyes, Katya is sure to have a selection of vivid, matching colors, or deliciously dramatic contrasting pieces sure to make heads turn. The riveting beauty of Katya's glass stones has inspired her friends and fans to invent the term "dichroic glass opals", comparing her mesmerizing colors to the dazzling precious stones that have entranced people for centuries. The stones' beguilingly rich color is perfectly accented by the bezel's streamlined simplicity of design.

"The way that each sunrise is different, so too are my pieces; they shift with the light, taking on subtle color variations. A piece that appears blue may change to violet at another angle, or teal at yet another. Living on the water, each day I see the sunset colors play along the waves; now blue, green, violet; now peach, amber, gold; now burning scarlet with autumn orange trailing behind. These are the colors that nature inspires, colors seen nowhere else but in my jewelry, as I strive daily to capture a single, individual moment of luminous beauty in every opalescent bead."      —Katya